Checklist For Outgoing Tenants

We suggest you use the following checklist to ensure that these items are not missed:

  • Windows (inside and out), window frames, window tracks and windowsills to be cleaned
  • Fly wire screens, security screens and doors
  • Mesh or sheer curtains to be washed and re-hung
  • Drapes/curtains/blinds/Venetians to be cleaned or dry cleaned according to fabric
  • Curtains taken down and stored to be pressed and re-hung
  • Curtain rods/tracks to be vacuumed and cleaned
  • Walls, doors and door frames to be cleaned – superficial hand marks, etc. to be removed
  • Floors and skirting boards to be cleaned
  • Power points and light switches to be cleaned of finger marks
  • Bath and hand basin to be cleaned including taps and fittings
  • Shower recess tiles, grouting, shower screen, shower taps and fittings to be cleaned
  • Cupboards and drawers to be cleaned inside and outside
  • Toilet including seat set and pedestal to be cleaned
  • Stove cleaned, including oven and shelves, griller and recess, hot plates and drip trays, chrome surrounds, enamel exterior cabinet and control panel.
  • Kitchen sink, bench tops, laundry tub, taps and fittings, tiled splash backs to be cleaned
  • Dishwasher to be cleaned
  • Floor waste pipe outlet grates to be cleaned
  • Clean all vents, including gas and air conditioning outlets and skylights
  • Remove and clean air conditioning filters for split systems
  • Replace blown light globes including fluorescent tubes, spotlights and heat lamps
  • Light fittings to be washed. Remove all insects, spotting and dust
  • Garden to be tidy and free of weeds and rubbish; leaves raked and removed; compost heaps removed and compost bins to be emptied
  • Lawns to be cut and edged, lawn clippings removed
  • Front and back verandah/patios to be swept
  • Courtyards, paths and paved areas to be swept and weed free
  • Driveways, carports and all concrete areas to be swept and free from oil and grease stains
  • Cobwebs to be removed (including externally around windows, eaves, doors, etc)
  • Garden shed/garage to be tidied, swept and cobwebs removed
  • Carpets to be professionally cleaned

If pets have been kept at the property, fumigation of interior and exterior of property to be carried out by professional pest control company, preferably: Cottesloe Pest Control 9384 7870. (Copy of receipt to be provided upon return of keys)

  • Ensure pool/spa is chemically balanced and cleaned prior to vacating and equipment is in good working order
    Lock away pool equipment in shed or house
  • Remove ducted vacuum bag and replace with new bag
  • Turn off hot water system
  • If furnished, account for all items on inventory
  • Washing machines, clothes dryers – to be left open and lint filters to be cleaned
  • Refrigerators – to be cleaned and turned off, doors to be left open
  • Cancel automatic rental deductions upon vacating
  • All rubbish (including unwanted items belonging to the tenant) to be removed; arrangements are to be made for rubbish and recycling bins to be put out on collection day
  • Advise Phone Company, Synergy and Alinta Gas of change of address
  • Please arrange for your mail to be redirected at the Post Office
  • All original and duplicate keys, remote controls and access cards must be returned to the office on the day you vacate
  • Please note that rent may be charged up to and including the date the keys are returned
  • Please provide us with your forwarding address and phone number

We suggest you refer to your Ingoing Property Condition Report to ensure that the property has been left in a condition not less than stated in the Property Condition Report