Moving To Perth

So you’re moving to Perth, Western Australia! Moving States or even countries can be a very stressful time. That’s why finding the right long-term accommodation is the single most important thing that you’ll do when you arrive. If you choose the wrong suburb, it could mean the difference between¬†loving Perth or hating it.

As soon as you choose somewhere, roots start to go down – and it becomes hard to move to another suburb.

It’s really, really important that you do enough research before you arrive:

What we recommend before you arrive:

  • shortlist the 300+ Perth suburbs into a few that best suit your needs
  • identify schools (public or private) that are close to your target suburbs
  • work out your buy/rent/build timetable – and the implications of each
  • track down a good quality place to stay initially – so your first impressions of Perth are not spoiled!

When you first get here we recommend:

  • tour your shortlisted suburbs to confirm their suitability.
  • find long-term rental properties – or try to find ¬†suitable houses to buy.

Let us use our extensive on-the-ground experience here at Altus Real Estate and current research data to shortlist potential suburbs that will suit your lifestyle, budget, career and family expectations. ¬†Also, you can go to this ¬†Let Us Help page for more details and to start the ball rolling…