The Altus Team

If you are looking to buy a house, you will definitely need the help of an agent who is a local expert in your neighborhood.
Choosing that agent is one of the most important steps towards a successful sale. They’ll be doing all the hard work in your sale, from listing and marketing your property to negotiating sales and taking care of the legal aspects – all crucial to the success of your sale.

Think of choosing an agent as entering into a business partnership: because that’s exactly what it is – a partnership where both parties stand to gain from a successful result.
Our innovative services are based on old fashioned principles. You can relax and let us do the hard yards that makes selling your home easy.

If you are looking to have your investment property managed, we have a professional team of property managers whose sole responsibility is to take the stress out of managing your own property. They are experienced, reliable, trustworthy and professional. Every email and phone call is returned that day. Once again, you can relax and let them do the hard yards for you.

Jamie Harrington
  • Jamie Harrington

  • Owner Altus Real Estate
Karen Ahern
  • Karen Ahern

  • Executive Assistant to Jamie Harrington
Julie Harrington
  • Julie Harrington

  • Senior Property Manager
Suzy Savage
  • Suzy Savage

  • Property Manager
Bernadette Berrell
  • Bernadette Berrell

  • Accounts Manager
Mary Harrington
  • Mary Harrington

  • Marketing & PR
Allison Thorpe
  • Allison Thorpe

  • Receptionist Administrator
Altus Property Management
  • Altus Property Management

  • Senior Property Manager